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Your dog might not be able to say it, but, he really dislikes being unclean or covered in mud, grass and dirt, which gets reflected in his energy and behaviour.

We offer Dog Washing Service with the aim to clean your pooch thoroughly and make him feel happy.

  • Dogs lovingly pampered in a relaxed & friendly environment with soothing relaxing music playing.

  • The inexpensive & cost-effective way to keep your dog clean & happy.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money cheerfully refunded.

  • We use fresh warm water and premium quality shampoos and conditioners.

  • We apply cologne which lasts for long and makes your dog smell fantastic.

  • We customize our services as per your dog’s age, size, breed, and of course, its comfort level.

After the wash, we remove the water from the coat of your dog, using either towel dry or blow dry method. Our Dog Groomers handle your pet tenderly and take extra care around sensitive areas such as eyes and ears.



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