Welcome to K9 Sparkling Dog Wash &
Basic Grooming(Around eyes and Bottoms included in the price)

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Welcome To K9 Sparkling Dog Wash

Welcome to K9 Sparkling Dog Wash. Anita’s passion and love for dogs led her to create a unique service in the dog wash space.

  • Dog Washing
  • De-shedding
  • Gentle Massage Therapy
  • Basic Grooming(Around eyes and Bottoms included in the price)
  • Flea & Lice Shampooing

Mission Statement

We at K9 Sparking Dog Wash love dogs and are passionate about the service we provide.

Dogs have feelings and emotions and therefore we strongly believe the current practice of grooming is inappropriate because more often than not the dog is tied down for extended periods of time!!

What separates us from our competitors is that we use minimal restraint on your beloved dog to minimise stress and anxiety. This is important not only to you but to your pride and joy as well because even though they cannot talk, dogs hate being bound for long periods. Picture yourself being tied up for a long period whilst you were being washed with really no idea of what was going on. Would this practice be appealing to you?

Our basic grooming(around eyes and bottoms included in price) is essentially done for the health and well being of your dog NOT to make them look pretty!!!

Our motto: ALL DOGS MATTER!!!!!!!